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How secure is your business?

The risk is high. Too high in many cases.

Protecting the critical resources of your organization while allowing your employees unburdened use of your data is a balancing act.  Too much protection, and your business falters.  Not enough protection and you can lose your business.

Consider the latest security breaches in the news and, by the way, not all of them make it in the news. They occur everywhere--in the commercial world, the military/industrial complex and the federal government. 

As Gartner reports, the known loss due to security breaches was $10B in 2015.  It is growing at a rate of 35% per annum.



There is no safe place--unless you create it.

Federal Identity knows this story all too well.

Our staff has been protecting some of the nation’s most valuable assets with the most respected computer security consultants and security technology available.

Our people and technology have secured complex enterprise application for the Department of the Treasury, the Hawaii Health Connector, Covered California and Customs and Border Protection, to name a few.



Why is Security So Hard?

To protect your organizational assets and allow your employees to securely access them is difficult:

Because to: Is:
Define Too Hard
Install Too Complex
Configure Too error-prone
Integrate Too Costly
Deploy, Test, Monitor Too time-consuming
Prove you are secure Too time-consuming and never ending

The bottom line is your business is resource constrained, that is, not enough money, time and knowledgeable staff to field complex security systems.